Zug Company Incorporation

Complete Zug Company Incorporation Services:


Are you already considering Zug, Switzerland as a base for your new Swiss commercial operations?

The canton of Zug provides international companies and entrepreneurs with many significant advantages:

  • Very stable and business-friendly political setting.
  • Excellent EU proximity and EMEA region access.
  • Highly modern transportation and infrastructure.
  • Strong international and local bank institutions.
  • Very skilled, diverse, and multilingual workforce.
  • Competitive company and private tax structures.
  • An efficient Zug company incorporation process.


We are located in the canton of Zug, providing concentrated Zug company incorporation advisory in cooperation with experienced local partners.


There will exist various reasons for your strategic decision to establish a Swiss commercial and operational center, where such an endeavor will require considerable planning, time engagement, preparation, and financial commitment.

Switzerland may be one of your preferred selections, and in this case, we can support establishing your final decision criteria, enabling you to conclude an effective and fully informed Zug company incorporation. Specifically, the Zug Canton remains an appealing place to do business for numerous international and HQ operations.

The advisory positioning at Talencium is geared to support the various aspects of your transitioning phase, and would provide the local guidance and input throughout your initial set-up, while also offering you a primary point of contact.

Your Business Plan

In order to streamline the Zug company incorporation process for your operational requirements, we have designed a business plan and associated working document, which will serve as a basis for communication to the key participants involved in the incorporation process.

Prepared especially for the  important initial due diligence and KYC procedures, which are required initially , this document will provide the necessary overview and core information on the new commercial operation and incorporation ownership structure which is being established.

Talencium provides direct contact to a number of key banking channels, thereby enabling an efficient evaluation and progression of the important paid-in capital account requirements, which are an important and integral part of the business incorporation procedure.

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